6th Sunday in Easter Year A

When someone tells you that you better get a lawyer, it is not a good sign.  It means some aspect of your life is coming under scrutiny.  This is what Jesus said today in the Gospel when He tells us that He is sending us an advocate. Why do we need one?   Because as a Christian our lives are always under scrutiny. Jesus did not make us to blend in to fit in with the culture. We are meant to be a beacon for the culture. We are not to belong to the culture but to Christ.  This is a very challenging aspect of Christianity, that we stand out.

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5th Sunday in Easter Year A

“In my house, there are many rooms.” This verse reminds me of my own parents and how so many parents have big houses in order to have their children, yet they want to have space from them. Like God, they look forward to nurturing us. There is a great need for nurturing each person. I recently read a book called, “The Boy Who Was Raised Like a Dog.”  In this book, the doctor discusses many different cases about children who grew up in traumatic situations. For many of these children their scars were caused by a lack of proper nurturing. His clinic would test to find out where the child was lacking the nurturing and try to reintroduce it. This is a very important work, the work of nurturing. God must know this as well because He gives us a trinity of tangible mothers. He gives us our earthly mothers, Mary our Heavenly mother, and the Church our earthly and heavenly mother.

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4th Sunday of Easter Year A

“I am the Good Shepherd.  All who came before me were thieves and robbers.”  What does this mean to us?  What is a shepherd?  One who looks after his sheep, looks after all their needs. “All who have come before me are thieves or robbers,” meaning that everyone who doesn’t come in the name of the Lord has taken something from us by stealth or by force. We can see this is true. What have they taken? Our confidence or dignity, our power, our significance. Stolen or bullied it away. How can we make such bold claims?

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3rd Sunday in Easter Year A

"Were not our hearts burning within as He spoke?”  This is such a powerful text and story. But were OUR hearts burning as we encountered the Word of God this morning, when St Peter convicted us of our wrongdoing, our great injustice?  What. . . wait a minute. . . St Peter boldly stated that we have sinned and our sins caused the death of our Lord, the greatest gift to the earth. We have willingly, and often, spurned His love and rejected His love.  By each of our sins a God who deserves our love not only does not get it, but also was killed because we have refused His love. Does that not strike us to the bone? 

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