Corpus Christi Year A

During the Corpus Christi Retreat, which Sister John Mary led, she reminded of us of a story that is often told about a Catholic priest and a pastor. The pastor told the priest, “If I believed what you believed, that Jesus was really present in the bread, I would walk on my hands and knees in the Church.”  It is a good reminder for sure of what we believe and we should often evaluate our reverence in the Church and towards God.  However, the same could be challenged of the pastor, if he really believed what he professed he would be down on his hands and knees praying and asking for grace before he dared lay a hand on Scripture. Scripture is the word of God and everything it says has to be taken seriously because these are the words of God, the saving and live giving words of God.  We, too, as Catholics must have a great reverence for Scripture and the Holy Eucharist.

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Holy Trinity Sunday Year A

While on my priest retreat this year, during my downtime, I watched a few movies. The first one I watched was called, “Of Gods and Men.”   It was about nine Trappist monks who lived in a small town in Algeria. They prayed, raised their garden, and interacted with the Muslim people of the village.  One of the monks was a doctor so he treated the poor people of the village. They were there in a time of unrest and at times the monks’ lives were even threatened, but they choose to stay out of love of God. Seven were eventually killed for a reason that still has not been discovered. My point in telling this story is that the monks lived on day by day knowing that doom was upon them, yet they lived in such love and tenderness towards each other and the people they served.  As each was able to come to terms with their most likely death, their peace increased. How does this story mean something for this Sunday?  It means something for me because of the nature of the Trinity. The Trinity is a relationship of Love.  They drew their strength to love outside of the Trinity because of their interior love within the Trinity.

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Pentecost Year A

It is amazing but we are already at fifty days past Easter and today we celebrate the birthday of the Church. Today the Church came alive because the Spirit entered her.  As it is with our own bodies, without the spirit we are dead. Today God also reunited the world under one voice. If you remember back in Genesis, the people built a tower to make a name for themselves and God confused their languages, so the tower was call Babel. They built the tower because they didn’t trust God’s promise not to flood the earth. They decided they were going to live how they liked and they would be safe now because they had a tower they could go to if God did flood things again. Today God reunites everything in the Spirit. The Church speaks one voice and it speaks to all people. There is no one that the truth of God is not for. If you have ever been to a multinational Mass you will notice that we all speak the same language of love and you can participate in God’s love.

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Ascension Sunday Year A

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  What does the feast of Ascension mean to us as Christians?  Ascension means that our Lord went up to heaven on His own power. It also ends a forty day period where our Lord appeared to His disciples in very odd ways, meaning He showed them His earthy presence but they did not recognize Him. He was, in this forty day period, preparing them for Him being physically absent but that He will be present to them in other ways. The same way He is present to us today - in His words and deeds.  In this time, He is helping the disciples to make the transition. He then sends them out and tells them to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, teaching them ,“all that I have commanded you.”

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