Catholic Women's League

Catholic Women's League was organized in Kamloops since May 1921.

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What is the voice for Catholic women of the parish, diocese, province and nation?  It's the Catholic Women's League of Canada.  This vibrant organization has a leadership role in all activities of the parish. As members  of the Catholic Women's League, we are the only women's group that the government of Canada must meet with annually.  What an opportunity to have the ear of the government on issues of the day! 

This nearly century old organization is instrumental in presenting grass roots issues, such as, human trafficking (2009.02/2004.5), national strategy for suicide prevention (2004.06), anti-bullying (2002.02)government funding for police record checks (2007.01), accurate food labeling (2008.04/2002.08), hunger in Canada (2001.03/1989.10), euthanasia (1991.02), protection of life before birth (1988.04), literacy (1990.09) styrofoam use, bike helmets,to name but a few of the hundreds since 1920!

In fact, the CWL has led the way on many of these issues.  A Sacred Heart Cathedral council member initiated a resolution about use of stryofoam and its inability to biodegrade.  She has been on the National Resolutions Committee and carried through on issues, meeting with the appropriate members of Parliament, Ministers and Deputy Ministers. 

We are the hands and feet of the parish.  What activities would not occur without a little help from the CWL?  Reviewing the archives of the last twenty-five years, CWL members have consistently supported: (read only underlined)

Education & Health:
     Bursaries for tuition support to St. Ann’s
     Scholarships for graduating Grade 12 students
     Provincial bursaries
Community Life:
      Wreath at Cenotaph, Pregnancy Care Centre & ProLife,
      Widow’s Group, Young Mom’s Group, Parish Flea Market, Seniors' Tea, Christmas at Wildlights at the Wildlife Park
      Member involvement has included / includes: Cursillo, Little Flower, Legion of Mary, Children's Liturgy, Blood Donor Clinics, Kamloops Women of Distinction, Kamloops Readers' Choice       Volunteer of the Year, Cancer Clinic, Meals on Wheels and others
      New Life Mission's Toonies for Teeth plus countless others

Christian Family Life:
      Support St. Ann’s Bazaar
      Baptism bibs & stoles for new Catholics of all ages
      Catered for confirmation rallies
      Members have taught RCIA, pre-marriage classes, baptism classes,  Faith Formation classes
      Letter writing campaigns promoting social justice, WRAP campaign

    Praying for each other
    Honor guard at funerals of members
    Mass cards for ill and deceased

Parish Life
    Centennial Tea
    World Day of Prayer at Cathedral in 1987
    Mother's Day Corsages

    Support families in times of loss by preparing and serving funeral luncheons
    Host parish potluck dinners
    Annual fall dinner with funds to support parish
    Special anniversaries/ ordinations

    Advance the spirituality of our sisters in the League through programs, conventions, advent and lent retreats, workshops, Used to have Mass before every meeting,
Christmas Socials: contributions to good cause
Our Lady of Good Counsel Feast Day: April 26

Conventions: Hosted the 1996 BC & Yukon convention in Kamloops
Members attend Diocesan meetings/conventions, provincial and national conventions

Leadership as Members of our Council have consistently been on the executive of the Diocesan council and some have served on the provincial executive.

Financial:  Diocesan Membership fees increased from $2-$4 in 1989
            Sponsor: Cdn Food for Children, youth, requests
            Support to our clergy and seminarians
            Sponsorship of adopted families in India
            Sponsor a child in St. Vincent’s orphanage in India
            Donate to approved CWL charities – Matercare, Coady Institite,              CCODP, etc.
            Fundraise for council and parish activities

Since CWL's inception in 1921, its members have been integral to the successful functioning of the parish.

To conclude, what many of the women have come to love about the CWL is the sisterhood and the power of  prayer. We are supporting each of us, whether actively involved, too busy to attend or confined to home.  After a recent CWL Honour Guard at a funeral, a woman joined immediately, paid her dues and expressed her reason: she wants to have a CWL funeral! 

From everyday issues and challenges to prayers at the hour of death, the spirit of the League is with its sisters at all times! What strength for all Catholic women as they move into the next 25 years of Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish!

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