Passion Sunday Year A

Today we will see quite a change in the Liturgy and we will see a similar change with the next few Liturgies that we will experience. You will be in processions.  You will see readings read out in three parts. You will see or participate in feet washing.  The Cross will be revealed to you.  At the Vigil, a glimpse of salvation history will be revealed where we go back in time to look at the promises and revelation that God has given to His people and witness how they were all fulfilled. Why such a change?  Because these Liturgies are meant to help us encounter Jesus, to experience the Passion, to pray like Jesus did for all those who need redemption. Yes, Holy Mother Church is inviting you into the greatest story ever told. It is greater than all the fairy tales, the wildest movies because none of them ever had such great and sacrificing love for their beloved.  No one has ever suffered so much and with so much love and in no story has a god ever offered himself for ungrateful people and none of them brought themselves from the dead. This is the most amazing event in history and it is brought to us now in the flesh, to be experienced this Holy Week. Yes, my brothers and sisters, this is made to be a life changing experience and encounter with God like never experienced before.

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5th Sunday in Lent Year A

This Sunday I was struck by the Gospel.  I was stuck today because what happened is something I often struggle with. In the first part, when Jesus is informed that Lazarus is dying, he tells the Apostles that the illness will not lead to death, but for the glory of God. Next, He tells the Apostles that Lazarus is dead. To me, I would have been hurt by that because I believed Jesus at His word that Lazarus would not die and yet Lazarus did die. This often a problem I have, that I expect Jesus to work in certain ways. It is true that Lazarus didn’t die in the long run but if I was an Apostle I would have left Jesus at this point and I would have not seen the Resurrection.  This happens often with us as we are following God.  He doesn’t work as we think He should have and we leave Him before we get to see the full outcome of the situation. What started as a tragedy ended as an amazing resurrection experience.

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4th Sunday in Lent Year A

Today is the Fourth Sunday in Lent, known as “Laetare Sunday” or “Rejoice Sunday” because the holy season of Lent is coming to an end. We get the name from the opening antiphon of the Mass, “Rejoice, Jerusalem, and all who love her. Be joyful all who were mourning, exult and be satisfied at her consoling breast.”

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3rd Sunday in Lent Year A

Today in the Gospel we have a beautiful encounter with Jesus. Jesus is meant to be encountered. Yesterday I watched an amazing movie about St Ignatius of Loyola.  After his conversion, his brother brought him to a drinking establishment, which had prostitutes. They engaged a prostitute for him. Ignatius sat her down and said that he just wanted to talk to her. She told him her name and what kind of family that she had grown up with.  She shared with him her hopes and her skills in being a seamstress. Ignatius then led her to encounter Christ.  He told her to look at a chair across the room and to imagine Christ looking at her. She looked and began to see Him and she was surprised because He looked on her with great love, and He had never stopped looking at her with love.  The encounter was life changing.

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