Feast of Corpus Christi Year C

Today we celebrate a great mystery of our faith.  The great mystery is that God wants a relationship with us so much that He humbled Himself and became bread so that we could receive Him into our bodies and become one with Him.

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Trinity Sunday Year C

“I still have many things to tell you.”  What is important to know about the Trinity? It is important to know that the Trinity is a family. They love one another and also deeply desire to be one with us, and unite us to their family. Have we ever really thought about how amazing it is that God has adopted or desires to adopt us?  I don’t know if you have ever seen Orphan Annie or the famous Anne of Green Gables, where the children want so desperately to belong to a family, and in some cases they get one. They wonder who will accept them and what they will look like, what they will be able to provide.

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Pentecost Sunday Year C

Today in the readings, we hear that the Apostles spoke with one voice and everyone heard it. There was a unity in the early Church that had a powerful effect on their preaching. This one voice shows that the Church has the power to help people of every kind. What is the one language that would give us our voice back? I believe that it is the language of Love. If we, as a parish, cannot choose to love one another, no one will ever see any supernatural love here. Love is not an easy thing to do, it is supernatural. A bunch of people who do not love, are like a bunch of slaves all chained together.  When one of them moves, the others will always be pulled and annoyed.

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The Feast of the Ascension Year C

Have you noticed that as human beings we all have a desire to get better? We make goals. We make New Year’s resolutions. We try to get in shape or learn a new skill. It is as though we have a quest to be better and, when we have stopped trying to be better, it is depressing. Of course, this can be a disordered thing, where we are trying to be perfect for others. But still, it is a good thing to want to better, in fact, we are created to be getting better. We are created to ascend. I am not talking about being good at something. I am talking about ascending to God.

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