6th Sunday in Easter Year C

In the Second Reading today, we hear John writing about the Holy City. In this city there is no temple. We may find it odd that there is no temple in the Holy City created by God, but in actual fact, the whole city is a place where God is worshiped. We, of course, can take this to mean the new heavens. However, we can also understand this to mean ourselves as well, that there is not only to be a place for God in our lives, but rather our whole lives are meant to give glory to God.

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1st Sunday in Lent Year C

To be led into the wilderness by God.

In the First Reading, we hear about the Passover that the people celebrated and how they were led into the wilderness by God, and then spent forty years in the wilderness because they could not trust God to look after them in the wilderness. They went through a variety of tests and challenges and many times I have thought, “Why didn’t these people just trust in God?”  Then I look at my own life - has it been one of trust in God, or only trust in myself?

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5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

In the First Reading we are blessed with beautiful imagery.  Isaiah is called from the heavenly courts. Isaiah is brought into the temple of God.  He sees heaven, falls in love, is cleansed by God and goes forth as a prophet. What an amazing experience that would be.

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4th Sunday in Ordinary time Year C

Love - we have heard the word so much. Songs are written, poems, theories, plays, movies, and TV shows about it. There is much to talk about with love and, of course, we have all heard the Second Reading at a wedding. It is so lovely who could be offended at such a reading. In my sister’s wedding course, she was told to pick something else because it is over used they said. I do agree that it is a very common wedding text, but can we ever believe that a text of Scripture is over used?  I think it is one of the hardest texts in the Bible. It challenges us so much and shows forth our capacity to fail in this most sought after virtue. Reading this reading to me is like looking and admiring a beautiful painting -  the colours and the scene are so vivid, they are so inviting and it is like the place that you have always wanted to be. You love to look at it, but you can never reproduce it, you are not skilled in that craft, and you can never quite go there.  It haunts you with longing.

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