Mary, Mother of God 2016

Do we think of God as a personal God? When we say our prayers do we ever think that we are talking right to Him, or do we think we are throwing prayer into open air hoping that someone might tune in and hear? Or maybe we expect an answering machine style God:   “God is busy at the moment.  Please leave your message and God will get back to you after He has answered His seven billion other messages.” When we talk to God do we expect an answer right away or that He will get right on to it?  Or do we think that He will take His time because He is not very interested, though out of duty He might eventually come around?  

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Feast of the Holy Family Year C

A little girl asked her mother where human beings came from. The mother told her that God created Adam and Eve and then we all came from them. The next day the girl asked her father where they came from and the father said, “Well dear we evolved from monkeys.”  The little girl, quite distressed, went back to her mother and said, “Mom, when I asked you where people came from you said God and when I ask dad he said monkeys. Who is right?”  The mother said, “Honey we both are.   I was talking about my side of the family and your dad was obviously talking about his side of the family.” 


The Holy Family - what a beautiful thing, people living in harmony, loving one another, sharing their lives, engaging in intimate conversation, mutually serving one another.

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Christmas 2015

We as people have always been looking for people to save us, a hero or superhero. We used to forgive our heroes’ humanity because we always thought that because of the good they did, or the pride they brought the town/city/country, it was okay if they had a few moral lapses.  They were covered over because we need someone to believe in. In this age the media likes to tear down anyone who dares to be great, and in some cases rightly so. It is as if we are so offended by someone we thought was great and that we had put our hopes in, to discover they were only great in one area of their lives.  It is amazing how we as humans turn against failed heroes. Look at how much abuse the goalies on the Canucks take.  When they are on their games, the world is with them.  When they have a bad game, the world turns against them. Why is so much riding on these players?  Is it because we pay them large sums of money? I don’t think so.  I think for some of us this is our life because we place our hope in these things. They were someone we thought could save us, give us hope. Yet, they were found not to be perfect, not to be able to always win. Still, life goes on every time the Canucks or Blue Jays lose.   None of us become better people because they win, yet some of us become much worse when they lose.

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4th Sunday in Advent Year C

Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the Lord.

This statement seems to be the essential theme of what a Christian is - one who waits for the Lord. One who believes that it will be okay because God is looking out for everything and desires to look out for everything. 

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