3rd Sunday in Advent Year C

Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again I say, rejoice! 


It is interesting that John doesn't give long lists of how to prepare for the coming of Christ.  You would think he would say such things as follow the Ten Commandments, stop being a tax collector or a soldier. Instead, he gives them all something possible to do. I remember when I first experienced the Lord that God did not give me a moral list to follow. I even went to confession, as I had done often and I had no idea about what sin was, how serious sins were. I was even trapped in all kinds of sin. My soul was dead; I was ignorant. Yet God still touched me and allowed me to feel His love. I didn’t even confess my mortal sins. I was too embarrassed to mention most sins, I would say “for those I forgot.”  I didn’t know that we have to confess them in order to have a valid confession. Yet, at the lowest point in my life, God touched me. Then I was able to start my life and it started slowly. That helps me know that God is here and He touches us with love so we can embrace the dignity of how we were created. 

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2nd Sunday in Advent Year C

The Lord has done great things for us we are filled with joy.

In today's readings we read a lot about preparation and preparation with joy. It was common for the people of old to prepare the road for the king. When the king was coming people went out and fixed the road because they wanted travelling to their town to be a pleasing experience for the king. This is what John is proclaiming - a preparation for the King.

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1st Sunday in Advent Year C

Here we are at Advent again. Many of us have been through many Advents so we may be thinking, “What is the big deal?” Big deal indeed is Advent though. Advent should cause us great excitement. First of all, it is the liturgical New Year. We may be thinking this event happened so long ago, so then why are we still preparing for it? But the truth of our Christian faith is that we have the opportunity to discover Jesus anew this Advent. The faith, like a person, can be rediscovered this Advent. There is always something new we can find in the same things.

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Feast of the Christ the King Year B

On this great feast of Christ the King, Jesus tells us that His Kingdom is not of this world. It is true that the Kingdom of God rules from within. This means that God is in our heart and that rules everything else, fueled by what is inside so to speak. If this is the system of ruling, experiencing the love of God and then allowing that love to change our lives, how does this happen?  I have noticed in myself that for many years there was a lack of spiritual appetite. I think this is common among Catholics in general. What type of spiritual appetites do we have? What are you doing to grow your faith? It seems we are often not hungry for God. How many of us take advantage of opportunities to go on retreats or spiritual workshops? To have family prayer times?  Or, is all we can muster a Mass on Sunday and throwing up the odd prayer? If God is man’s desire, why don’t we desire Him?  Why are we not, as Jesus mentioned in the Gospel, fighting for Him?

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