27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Let the little children come to me, do not stop them.

Today’s Gospel has a very interesting real time parallel. The purpose of asking Jesus about marriage was to have him killed. They asked Jesus in the territory of Herod, the same place his cousin John was imprisoned because of his speaking of marriage. They wanted Jesus to speak of marriage to entrap him. You would have thought a wise Jesus would have avoided the question.  This is very similar to today - the world really wants to crucify us over marriage. Many times we think the way to go would be to shut up or change our teaching to satisfy the world. But the Church, like Jesus, instead of remaining silent because of danger, needs to, and will use, this opportunity to proclaim the good news about the divine institution of marriage. We, like Christ, have to proclaim the good news without fear because at stake is not merely an institution, but the dignity and the wellbeing of the human person. I have heard people being concerned about the Church, that she will change her laws on marriage and divorce, that the Church will bless same sex unions. The Church cannot change these things because they are the truth.

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24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Who do the People say I am? Who do you say that I am?

Who do you think are the three greatest living persons in the world today?

Who do you think is the most powerful person in the world today, for good or for evil?

Name is the person that you first turn to for advice and help when you are having problems in these areas in your life:

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23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Ephphatha that is be opened.

In today’s Gospel we run into extreme irony - Jesus opens a man’s ears and his mouth and then tells him to be quiet about it. Wouldn’t you think if God wanted him to be quiet, then He should have simply not opened his mouth, yet He did. Who wouldn’t be overcome with joy and excited if something like that had happened in your life? Good news is something we all want to share.  As people we love to share the great things that have happened in our lives.

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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

For what other nation has a god so near to it as the Lord our God is to us whenever we call upon Him.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I am spiritual but not religious”? It seems to imply we want the relationship but we don’t want to commit to it. In a human relationship it would be the equivalent of saying, “I want the good stuff from this relationship but I don’t want to accept the bad stuff or the challenging stuff about you.”  This is not a relationship, but rather a selfish pursuit of your own pleasure. Often, our own pleasure does seem to be the greatest thing when in fact though, it neglects the truth of the total person - that you can be loved exactly as you are. That truth is an exciting reality.

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