17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

I really admire the people in the two readings today.  I love their radical trust in God. In both the First Reading and the Gospel, the people went to see God. So great and recognized was their spiritual hunger that they went to see God and didn’t even worry about food.  I don’t know about you, but to me it is very impressive how right these people were. They desired things in the right order:  God first, then food.  I wish I desired God like that. Why is it that I don’t desire God more than all these distractions?


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16th Sunday in Ordinary time Year B

Because they were like sheep without a shepherd

Last night I watched an episode of Blue Bloods (a TV police drama series). It featured a crime committed against a same sex attracted male. An off-duty policy office intervened, which put him in a difficult spot as the reason he happened to be in that section of town was because of his own inclinations. The media used that as a way to attack Tom Selleck’s character, Frank Reagan of Police Commissioner of New York and practicing catholic. In the episode, Frank backs down and says publicly that church teaching is old fashioned and perhaps needs to get with the times. The cardinal talks to him about it and asks Frank to retract his statement. What the cardinal did not do though, was to shepherd Frank and correct his error.

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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Poverty is the space where God can enrich you.

In today’s Gospel, we see the Lord sending out the apostles in poverty. He sends them in this way in order that their riches would be God, and in that God could then work powerfully through them.

There are several types of poverty. Some we choose, some we do not, but we can choose to the make the best out of them either way. Sometimes we are not aware of what our own poverty is, and so we do not know how to become rich.

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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


 A prophet is not accepted in his own town


I would like to draw out three aspects of today’s Gospel - a phenomenon called tall poppy syndrome; kill the messenger rather than change; and the root of all these, hardness of heart, and its cause and effects. 


In an ancient story there was a king who was asked the difference between a monarchy and democracy. To demonstrate, the king went out in the field and proceeded to chop the heads off of any wheat that was higher than the others. The king said, “That is monarchy.”  When asked what a democracy is in that case, the king replied, “In a democracy the wheat itself cuts off the heads of the ones that grow higher.”

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