16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

I would like to tell you of three persons Tiny Terry and Shelly. Tiny grew up in a troubled home and got into lots of trouble early on. His life consisted of crime and brushes with the law in one of his brush with the law he shot and seriously wounded a police officer.  The partner of this officer had him in the crosshair and for some reason could not pull the trigger. Tiny laughed at the police officer for being such a coward and he ended up in jail.  Terry grew up in a more decent family with strong Christian roots he went astray and joined a motorcycle gang and sold drugs and did what went along with being a gang member. Shelly was a beautiful young teenager girl who was abused at a young age she started being promiscuous and at the ripe age of sixteen she sold herself for 45 dollars to some man for the first time. She works as an underage prostitute and then became a porn star and lived the life that pornstar lead. Here we have some pretty sad stories and not only that people we may consider weeds of society. People that we may feel that society could easily do without people that corrupt our youth and use up valuable resources. However, something happened in all these people lives that change their weed ridden life into a life of grace and brought the faith to others.

 Tiny by the way was not tiny he was a huge man over three hundred pounds of angry hateful man he didn’t care whether he lived or died. He got his name tiny from prison when a drunk man was singing tiny bubbles and it made him so angry. He walked with a limp when I met him because he took a pipe across the knee in a prison fight. One day he encountered the Lord in prison while reading the bible and it changed him he became a preacher of the word and to the end of his days he shared the good news. He eventual got married and released and he continued to save soul till his death.
Terry the motorcycle guy was on his way back home after some amazing experiences that helped him get away on the bus ride home this beautiful light penetrated the bus and him and another fellow were struck with the love of God and started praising God out load and lead the conversion of many people in the bus. Terry when on to becoming a monk and priest in the Ukrainian Catholic Church he preaches mission and has a great passion for soul Father Taras (Terry) Kraychukhe is alive and well today and was even at Bishop Joseph ordination.

 Shelly Lubben she got tired of the life of a pornstar and meet this man who was a pastor’s son and they would do drugs and read the bible which lead eventually to her marriage to this man. She started preaching and took studies in theology to become a pastor. And in now big in the pink ribbon movement and XXX Church to help people in the porn industry to be free.

You see why God isn’t fond of tearing up weeds because he wants them to change He wants us to wittiness to the weeds and for them to change to become wheat. In the parable of the mustard seed we see that there is often a small invisible seed that is there in everyone that can be changed and grow into a massive structure or faith if cultivated. You see why last week was so important because if you and I get our own ground ready and work on our faith by asking for it we will like in the first reading know that there is no God worth worshiping then the lord our God. There no one in the world who can make such drastic changes in one live then the Lord our God. We need to meet Him. These three now beautiful soul tried the worship of money sex drugs power vengeance maybe even satan and now they know that there is no God but the lord your God.

What false God are we still worshipping. What things are we looking to make us happy? What weed are in our lives that are holding us back to trust in the Lord our God? What lust, hatred, greed, anxiety, sloth, addiction is holding us back present it to the Lord now every time it come back worship the Lord your God present them to God and allow Him to heal. It said in the second reading we do not know how to pray as we ought. I have often wondered how to uproot the weeds that I have sown or allowed to be sown and it is frustrating to fall time and time again to the same thing. Well the good news is the spirit helps us to pray to overcome. Invite the spirit now as you and I pray to make this prayer against our weeds our false Gods so we will know that there is no other God and we will battle valiantly to keep Him in His rightful place.


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